What Is Gistcoin and How Will It Disrupt Social Media Communities?

Gistcoin is a utility currency for influencers, streamers, artists, musicians, businesses, and content producers from all walks of life that create content on social media and other audio networks. We think that a decentralized token system provides all creators with direct connections to their audience and monetization options, particularly those from marginalized groups. For detailed information about Gistcoin Do read this article. This article will surely help you to understand the overall concept and detail of Gistcoin.

So, let’s start with some basic points.

What is Gistcoin?
“Gistcoin is a blockchain-enabled Peer-to-Peer decentralized ledger system designed for the gaming and monetization of the rapidly expanding Social Media Industry”.

GistHouse Project
The project behind the Gistcoin Token crowd sale is called Gisthouse which is a cutting-edge audio-based social media platform that’s also monetized and gamified through the use of a decentralized token to give long-term answers to key issues in constantly developing social media communities. In this new Audio Conversation environment, GistCoin will be the official medium of exchange.

Objectives of GistHouse Project and Gistcoin Token sale
The following are the main objectives of the GistHouse Project and the Gistcoin Token sale:

Objective # 1- Building of Social media Platform
Creating a next-generation social media platform using a blockchain-based peer-to-peer Gistcoin Token as the primary means of exchange, in which:

• Content Creators will be compensated for building rooms, maintaining clubs, and instructing people on audio-based social media platforms through the Audio Conversation-based Social Media Platform.

• The platform will gamify the use of Audio Social Media platforms by content creators and users by providing various token incentives for certain milestones and activities done by platform users. This is for the opening accounts, for inviting people to the platform, for achieving followership milestones, compensating best content creators, reward best room attendees, etc.

• Users of the Audio Platform will be able to purchase premium material from content providers in exchange for exchangeable tokens.

• All the Content creators can charge the convertible Gistcoin tokens for various premium content to give premium content to platform customers.

Objective # 2
Alongside raising funds for the next-generation Audio Drop-In Conversation GistHouse Platform, which will greatly enhance what consumers currently have with Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Green Room, and other social media platforms, we will also position our Gistcoin to be the official cryptocurrency of social media platforms, particularly the emerging Audio Conversation social platforms, by collaborating not only with modern content creators but also with social media platforms themselves.

Objective # 3
To create possibilities for the project supporters to obtain tokens that will provide real benefit in addition to the regular holding and trading activities in the tokens they receive in exchange for their support. The token holders will also be able to use the gistcoin tokens as a method of payment to access VIP programs and pay for items and services supplied by content owners on the GistHouse platform as well as other social media partners companies.

Important selling points of Gistcoin

The following are the Gistcoin initiative’s major selling points:
Point # 1. Innovative Solutions
The newly GistHouse App provides unique solutions to significant challenges in the Social Media Industry that have hampered the potential and maximizing of content creators’ and platform users’ experiences.

Point # 2. Experienced people
Top professionals with years of expertise in managing significant business initiatives and delivering timely and creative solutions to a variety of sectors, like Digital Business, Arts, Business, and Stock Trading, are among the Founders, Executives, and Advisory Boards.

Point # 3. Incredible team
The team is comprised of highly respected and skilled content creators, celebs in business, entertainment, personal development, financing, and stock trading, lifestyle, ideology, religious doctrine, and other fields, as well as a network of partners with content creation skills, social media clout, and community management experience to help us achieve the vision. These individuals will also create GistHouse-only clubs, rooms, and gatherings.

Point # 4. Solid Technical Team in Web development and Cryptocurrency
We’ve assembled a strong technical team with experience in web development and cryptocurrencies, as well as involvement in many aspects of the cryptocurrency industry, involving mining, token production, trading, and networking with some like-minded people and communities.

Point # 5. Top Influencers
The present affiliation and collaboration with Leading Influencers on social media have a combined following of over five hundred thousand followers. We have a solid marketing strategy and a marketing team with the necessary skills to enhance the value and usability of the project. Such top influencers have several social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many YouTube Channels and web pages that will be widely used to raise acceptance and knowledge of GistHouse among customers and top content creators around the world, who will see the project as a promising sign that will support everyone on social media.

The problem and solutions which GISTCOIN/GISTHOUSE Project will address
So, as I previously said, GISTCOIN is a blockchain-enabled Peer-to-Peer decentralized ledger system for the monetization and gamification of the fast-expanding Audio-Drop in Conversation social media, which was sparked by applications like Clubhouse, Twitter Paces, Spotify’s Green Room, and others. The Gistcoin project is developed to give a cutting-edge solution to the challenges of compensating content creators and users of social media apps, particularly in the audio drop-in chat environment.

Solution # 1
Establishes a sophisticated audio conversation social media platform with a built-in compensation mechanism for creators and consumers.

Solution # 2
In the fast-expanding Audio Conversation sector, Gisthouse will offer numerous characteristics that will address the majority of the difficulties connected with existing Audio-based social networking platforms.

Solution # 3
Provide GistHouse and other similar Social Media Platforms in the fast-expanding Audio Social Media Networks offer a peer-to-peer monetization platform that enables straight micro-payments to content creators and premium customers.

Solution # 4
Allow content producers and active users of GistHouse Audio Drop-In Platforms to get fair compensation.

Solution # 5
Provide Universal means of exchange for users of GistHouse and other partners social media partners.
Advantages of Gistcoin

Some of the common advantages of Gistcoin are as follows.
Advantage # 1
GISTCOIN will enable the next-generation audio drop-in discussion site for the social media sector, serving as the official method of exchanging premium content as well as involvement in the creation and consumption of such material.

Advantage # 2
The GistHouse environment, which will be activated by the GistCoin icon, is based on a gamified and monetized Audio Conversation Platform, with GISTCOIN serving as the primary medium of trade.

Advantage # 3
GISTCOIN enables social media content creators and consumers, particularly those using audio-based platforms, to gamify and monetize their experience in ways never seen previously in first-generation audio discussion platforms such as Clubhouse, Green Room, Twitter locations, and others.

Advantage # 4
Content creators on social media may now be paid instantly using GistCoin, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that can be exchanged between users and converted into fiat currency via several crypto exchanges.

Advantage # 5
Active users of social media platforms, starting with audio-based platforms, may monetize the time thereby earning crypto coins for a variety of activities and utilizing the platform currency to get entree to premium and exclusive material given by content creators. We are officially welcome you to the company. www.gistcoin.io
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