What is Gistcoin and GistHouse – Understanding the twin disrupters.

GISTCOIN is a blockchain-enabled Peer-To-Peer decentralized ledger system for the gamification and monetization of the rapidly evolving Social Media Industry.

GISTHOUSE, The Project behind the Gistcoin Token crowdsale, is an advanced Audio-based Social Media Platform which is monetized and gamified using a decentralized token to provide lasting solutions to major problems in the rapidly evolving Social Media communities.

GistCoin will be the official means of exchange in this new Audio Conversation ecosystem called Gistcoin.

GistHouse App brings innovative Solutions to major problems that have limited the potential and maximization of the experience of content creators and platform users in the Social Media Industry.

Some of the direct and immediate ways that GISTCOIN/GISTHOUSE Project will address specific problems in the industry include:

  • Create an advanced Audio Conversation Social Media Platform with an inbuilt Creators’ and Users’ Compensation program.
  • Gisthouse will have several features that will address most of the problems associated with existing Audio-based social media platforms in the rapidly exploding Audio Conversation industry.
  • Provide A Peer-to-Peer monetization Platform that provides direct micro-payments to content creators and premium users on GistHouse and other similar Social Media Platforms in the rapidly exploding Audio Social Media Networks.
  • Enable Fair Compensation for content creators and active users of GistHouse Audio Drop-In Platforms.
  • Provide Universal means of exchange for users of GistHouse and other partner social media partners.


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