The main selling points of the Gistcoin initiative.

1. GistHouse App brings innovative Solutions to major problems that have limited the potential and maximization of the experience of content creators and platform users in the Social Media Industry.

2. Our Team of Founders, Executives, and Advisory Boards includes top executives with decades of experience in managing major business projects, and in bringing timely and innovative solutions to different industries including Digital Business, Entertainment, Business, and Stock Trading, etc.

3. We have put together a solid Team and Network of Partners with content creating talents, social media power, and community management experience to help us achieve the vision – Our team includes highly respected and experienced content creators, celebrities in Business, Entertainment, Personal Development, Investment and Stock Trading, Lifestyle, Politics, Religion, etc. These people will also be creating clubs, rooms, and events exclusively for the GistHouse platform.

4. We have put together a solid Technical Team in Web development and Cryptocurrency and who have been involved in all levels of the cryptocurrency world, including mining, token development, trading, and networking with like-minded individuals and communities.

5. We have a Solid Marketing Plan and Marketing Team with the requisite experience to increase the value and utility of our Project – Our current association and partnership with Top Influencers on social media have combined followership of over 50,000,000 followers.
These top influencers have social media pages (Facebook; Twitter; Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube Channels and pages) that would be massively deployed to create awareness and adoption of GistHouse by users and top content creators all over the world who will see this project as a positive development that will benefit everyone on social media.

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