How to Setup MetaMask to View Your Gistcoin Tokens

Gistcoin is an ERC20 Token on the Polygon network. it’s compatible with your Ethereum address

To view your token follow the steps as outlined below.

First, Add the polygon Network to your wallet

STEP 1: Within your Metamask click on network dropdown from the top

STEP 2: Select the custom RPC option and enter the following details

  1. Network name: polygon
  2. New RPC URL:
  3. Chain ID: 137
  4. Currency Symbol: Matic
  5. Block explorer :

STEP 3: Click Save you have now connected to the polygon network.


STEP 4: Add Gistcoin Token to your wallet using the contract address

This step is optional as metamask can automatically detect the token assets in your wallet however follow the steps below to add gist coin to your metamask assets

  1.     Select the assets Tab
  2.     Scroll to the bottom and click import tokens
  3.     Enter the address. 0xF6db73D0495Fe4648d494046cCbdc5625F2740F0

Click save your gist coin balance should now be visible on your home screen