Gistcoin: The Official Monetisation Currency for Social Media Platform

Gistcoin  is a utility token for all influencers, streamers, musicians, artists, brands, and content creators from all backgrounds who create content on social media communities and in other Audio Networks.

The Gistcoin project is designed and created to provide cutting edge solution to the problem of compensation of content creators and social media app users, especially the audio drop-in conversation world.

It allows content creators to get immediate compensation through a blockchain powered crypto currency. This can be traded among the users and can also be converted into fiat currency through several crypto exchanges.

Gistcoin is putting the power into the hands of the content creators and their online communities. It is on a decentralised platform completely governed by the community.

This means that creators and their communities have unfettered control to use the Gistcoin social token across all social platforms.

Gistcoin also offers opportunities to the fans. They can hold or exchange Gistcoin to get access to private communities, access exclusive content, and purchase physical and digital goods from content creators on social media networks.